How to Write and Optimize Title Tag in SEO

How to Write and Optimize Title Tag in SEO

The Title Tag in SEO which is written in HTML of a webpage plays an important role as far as SEO is concerned. The text which is seen in the top of  a browser as well as in the Search Engine Resulst Pages(SERPs). The text which is put in the HTML  <title>tag .

<title> The Text </title>

 This is also known as the title of the web page. it is very important to add and optimize the title tag of the website as it plays an important role in getting high ranking of the website in various search engines.

seo title tag

In the above example “Bloggers Maker: Latest SEO, News, Blogging Tips & Techniques” is the title tag of the web page.

In this article we are going to discuss following topics regarding Title Tag of a web page.

  • Role of Title Tag in SEO
  • How to write a perfect SEO Title Tag
  • How to optimize a Title Tag
  • Google update regarding title tag

Role of Title Tag in SEO

Title tag play an important role to bring visitors to your website. To craft a title tag for a web page you have to consider both the search engine algorithms as well as the visitors point of view. Title tag explains the whole content of the web page so it should be crafted in such a manner that the visitors easily and quickly understand about the web page. Writing a title tag as per google guidelines help in getting higher ranking in the SERPs. So it is very important to satisfy both the visitor and the google to write a perfect SEO title tag.

How to Write a Perfect SEO Title Tag

Writing a perfect SEO Title Tag is an important task. The following things should be considered in crafting a best title tag

  • Algorithms
  • Humans

Algorithms :  The various search engines have their own algorithms. We have to follow these guidelines in writing the title of a web page to rank higher in various serach engine results.

  • Use of primary keywords: Include primary keyword in to the title tag of your web page.
  • Character limit: Try to conclude the title tag up to 60 characters. These 60 characters should clearly provide the overview of your web page including  your primary keyword. The  text  of the title tag after this limit will not be visible in the SERPs.

Humans: The humans are also as important as the algorithms. If a visitor see the words in the title tag of a webpage for which he or she is searching in various search engines then the title tag attracts the visitor to visit the web page. So it is very important to provide such information in the title tag which provide clear and complete over view of your web page so that the visitors visit the webpage without  any confusion of overlooking other search results.

How to Optimize a Title Tag

Optimization is the process of making title tag search engine friendly by following various search engine guidelines. It helps us in gettine higher ranking in various search engines. The optimization of a title tag include following processes.

  • Inclusion of primary keywords in the begining

Include your primary keywords in the starting of your title meta tag. It will help you in getting higher ranking in search engines as well as attracts the visitors to visit your website.

  • Length (characters) of the title tag

The characters limit in the title tag is also an important factor. Include your important text including your primary keywords which describe your web page completely with in 60 characters.

  • Avoid  keyword stuffing

Excess use of keywords in the title tag is not good as per guidelines of alogorithms. It may reflect negative impact to the ranking of the web page.

  • Unique title for each page

Each webpage should contain unique title. There should not be duplicate titles on multiple webpages.

  • Inclusion of your brand

Include your brand name in the title tag of each web page.

  • Consider the users while write title tag

The guidelines of algorithms of various search engines is not only single thing to take in consideration, the users point of view should also be considered to attract the visitors.

Google Update Regarding Title Tag

Sometimes your web page contains a title tag but in the search result  a different title is displaced. The title tag which is seen in the SERPs is the title which is not created by owner of the website, it is crafted by the google itself.

How google generates web page titles?

When google finds a web page title which don’t describe the content of a web page clearly or the guidelines of algorithms are not followed then google generates the web page title itself. Google provide the web page title by picking the content from

  • H1 Tags
  • Other header tags
  • Content used in style treatments
  • Text used in anchor tag

The various Title tags which don’t follow the algorithms guidelines are as follows.

  • Very long : A title tag having  very long content is not considered to display in the Search Engine Resulst Pages(SERPs).
  • Stuffed” with keywords:  The title tag which contains repeated keywords is not suitable.
  • Lack title tags entirely: A web page which don’t have title tag.
  • Boilerplate Titles: The same title on all the pages within the site are known as Boilerplate Titles.
  • Half-empty titles: A title having missing description and have only half information such as website name are known as half empty titles.
  • Obsolete titles: when a same webpage is used year after year but the date in title tag is not updated then it is known as obsolete titles.
  • Inaccurate titles: A title which don’t reflect the content of a web page accurately is called Inaccurate titles.

Google regenrates the web page title whenever he encounter above mentioned web titles which don’t follow algorithms guidelines.

Google also suggests site owners  to provide valid web title which also fulfill google guidelines for getting higher ranking in Search Engine Resulst Pages(SERPs).


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