The Role of SEO in Business

The Role of SEO in Business

Search engine optimization is going more popular day by day. The corona pandemic restricted the people of the whole world to get inside the house. This pandemic situation forces more people to go to online shopping or other daily routine work which increases the role of SEO in business.

Most of the businesses all over the world are giving more attention to their websites to attract more customers.

So the scope of search engine optimization has increased at large scale now a day as compared to previous years.

In simple terms, making the website according to rules and regulation of various search engines is search engine optimization.

These rules and regulations are algorithms and guidelines of various engines. The most popular are i.e.  Google, yahoo, bing, baidu, yandex etc. google is the top most of the world.

Making any website as per the guidelines and algorithms is known as SEO.

How a site is most friendly with search engine is the measurement of good SEO of the website. So there is a race to make a website most search engine friendly to attract more traffic.  

In this race you have to implement some task on web page and some other activity on the internet. The activity which is carried out on the page of the website is known as “On Page Optimization”.

The activity or process which is performed on the other websites is called “Off Page Optimization”. The technical process implemented to the website is known as “Technical SEO”.

There is a race among the websites all over the world to be ranked at top position in the search results. As most of the people use google so google is the top most all over the world.

Every website is fighting to attain first position in the search result page for a given keyword.

Now what is this word keyword? When you search for any information or other thing you type some words in search box of search engine (Google) then these words are known as keywords.

The various engines give ranking to various websites on these keywords.

Today there are so many businesses which are performing very well just with the help of a website. With the help of a website means they are attracting huge customers by implementing SEO to their website.


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