Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If anyone wants to get visitors from organic, free or natural search results of various search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). They are always searching for a word Search engine optimization (SEO).

Now a day’s Search engine optimization is in most demand as every business which has a website need more customers to increase its presence.

So far we came to know few words SEO, Business, Website or blog and presence. All these terms are interrelated to each others. These terms collectively complete a cycle.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a short form of weblog. It is a platform where a person or a group of persons shares their view or knowledge on any topic. The person may be owner or the manager of the blog.

The various views or information on a particular topic are displayed in reverse chronological order which means that the latest posts are appeared on the top.

 It is regularly updated with the latest information on a specific topic.

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of various web resources (web pages, multimedia content). All the Web Pages are related to each other. The uniform resource locator (URL) is used to access the home page of a website. In other words URL is the address of a website.

We can access all the pages from its home page by using its hyperlinks.

All these pages are published on the web server. It is made available online by an individual, company, educational institution, government, or organization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a process of making a website search engine friendly to get higher ranking in various search engine result pages (SERPS). Higher ranking of your site in various search engines provides more visitors to your website. A web designer designs the website. A content writer create content for a web site.

The designer and a content writer are not much aware of process of search engine optimization. After completion of designing and content writing, now it’s time to optimize the site.

Various factor of searching engine optimization are implemented in the site. The SEO elements in a website starts from top (URL) of the website to bottom (footer) of the website.

Optimization and optimisation

What is the difference between Optimization and optimization?

There is no any difference between Optimization and optimisation.

The meaning is same for both of it. The only difference is optimization is an American English word while optimisation is a British English word.

Types of SEO
Search Engine Optimization is categorized in three parts.

On Page SEO

It is the practice to make a site search engine friendly by implementing various SEO activities directly to an individual webpage. We have a full control on it. We can do whatever we want instantly.

The various on page optimization factors are as follows:

• Keyword research (Primary, Secondary)

• Keyword Density


• Page Title (Title Tag)

• H1 Tag(Headings)

• H2 Tags(Sub Headings)

• Meta Description Tag

• Content

• Images

• Internal Links

• Outbound Links

• Breadcrumbs

• Relevant Tags and Categories (For Blog Posts)

• Structured data markup

• Social sharing links

Off Page SEO

Off page search engine optimization is an activity which is made out to other websites to gain a back link or a value from that website. It helps us to get higher ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) as various search engines consider a back link as a vote from the linked site.

It is also known as off site optimization. The various off page SEO activities are as follows.

• Guest Blogging

• Competitor Research

• Business Social Media and Directory Profiles

• Broken Link Building

• Social Media

• Quora Answering

• Youtube Videos

• Directory Submissions

• Article Submissions

Technical SEO

The various technical activities carried out for a web site or a blog is known as technical SEO. It is not required any technical skill set or knowledge of any specific language or database.

There are simple processes which can be carried out very easily by any person who is willing to learn SEO. The various technical search engine optimization processes are as follows.

• Robots.txt File

• Canonical Link Element

• Redirects

• Duplicate Content

• Mobile Friendliness

• Page Speed

• Competitors Analysis

• Site Map

• Analytics

• Webmaster Tool

• SSL Certificate

• Broken Links


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