How to appear an article in Google News

How to appear an article in Google News

 News is information about a current event. This information is not known before and can be of any field i.e. World, Nation, State, Local, Politics, Business, Sports, Technology, Health and Entertainment etc. The information becomes very useful for the concerned person.There are many sources which provide news to the various persons all over the world. The Print Media (Newspapers, Magazines), Broadcast Media (TV, Radio) and Internet are main news providers. The article explains how to appear an article in Google News.

Google News

Google News is a news aggregator app which was launched 17 years ago on September 2002 by Google. It presents a continuous, customizable flow of articles organized from thousands of publishers and magazines. It is also available as an app on Android, iOS, and the Web in 35 languages.

How to access Google News

It is very easy to access Google News with these methods.

Google News Section
  • By selecting the ‘News’ section below the main search bar on Google’s homepage.
Google News Search

Top stories

Top stories are a section which is placed on the top of the search results when the search term is a news oriented query. After matching the search query the relevant and quality news content is displayed in top stories. A link is provided to more related articles on the News tab.

Top Story

News tab of Search

News tab is located below the main search bar on Google’s homepage. It    displays more news articles than the regular search query.

How to appear an article in Google News

There is no need to submit a site to appear an article in google news. The Publishers are automatically considered for Top stories or the News tab of Search if they are providing high quality content and following Google News content policies.

Content policies

These are the guidelines which makes any news article eligible to appear in google news surfaces. Violations of these guidelines may result in the removal of the content from appearing in google news. But any news based on artistic, educational, historical, documentary, or scientific considerations may be exceptions to these policies.

Original content

The original content providing valuable information to the users becomes first priority in inclusion of google news.


The visitors expect clear transparency from the site which involves following information in a news article.

  •  Authors Name
  • Publication Name
  • company or network Name
  • contact information
  • Article written date

Ads and sponsored content

The first priority of a page is its valuable content. The advertising and other paid promotional material should be less than the page content. The advertising and sponsored content should be clearly mentioned to the readers.

Personal and confidential information

The sharing of medical records or financial information of any person is not allowed.

Copyrighted content

Original article writing is a work which is eligible for copyright protection. The writer of article automatically owns copyright to the work. The owner has the exclusive right to use the work, with some exceptions. The content which infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights, copyrights is not allowed in inclusion in google news.

Sexually explicit content

The content which expresses sexual imagery or cause sexual arousal is not allowed.

Graphic violent content

The content which incites or glorifies violence is not allowed.

Hateful content

The content that promotes violence or harassment against an individual or group based on ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity is not allowed.

Medical topics

The sites providing medical advice, diagnosis or treatment for commercial purposes are not allowed. The sites expressing contradicts or runs contrary to scientific or medical consensus and evidence-based best practices are not allowed.

Dangerous and illegal activities

The content that promotes or facilitates dangerous or illegal activities, including self-harm, such as self mutilation, eating disorders, or drug abuse is not allowed. The content used to threaten or organize violence or support violent organizations is also not allowed.

Harassment and cyberbullying

The content that sends messages intended to harass, bully or physically or sexually threaten others is not allowed.

Deceptive practices

The sites or accounts that impersonate any person or organization, or that misrepresent or conceal their ownership or primary purpose are not allowed. The sites or accounts that engage in inauthentic or coordinated behavior that misleads users are not allowed.

Spam and malware

The site should obey Google’s webmaster guidelines. The sites expressing excessive repetitive, duplicate, or unoriginal content, misspellings, grammatical errors, or gimmicky character use are not allowed.  The links to malware, viruses, or other harmful software are not allowed. The sites engaging in link schemes intended to manipulate a site’s ranking in news results or generate unnatural traffic are not allowed.

Publisher Center

The publisher center is an interface which is provided by Google. It is helpful for the publisher to submit, manage, and monetize their content in Google News.

How to access Google News Publisher Center
  • Sign in to Publisher Center with Gmail account.
  • Create a Publication

The various functionality of Publisher Center


In this section submit basic information about your publication, details about the location of your publications’ headquarters, contact details, and distribution settings.


Submit content to your publication in the form of feeds, website URLs, or videos.


The Ownership of the content must be verified before your publication can be submitted for approval.


Add logos that identify your publication to customize your presence in Google News.


Set up your AdSense/AdExchange account to monetize your feed-based content.

Content sales

If you’re submitting content via sections, the “Content sales” tab helps you sell your content by defining pricing models, as well as creating promotions.


The “Advanced” tab lets you set up testing groups and personalize the articles styles.

Review & publish

 Setup, identify issues, and publish it in Google News.

Manage your publication

There is a “Manage” section in the left panel of the homepage. It includes 3 sections

Organization settings

You can create, manage, and delete your accounts.

User permissions

Manage user access for your organization or the publication(s) you’ve submitted.

Publisher account

You can create, manage, and delete your accounts.

Technical guidelines

A computer algorithm crawls news website. Make sure your site follows these technical guidelines to help google algorithm. Google news advises to follow publishers the below site structure guidelines which are helpful in crawling new content.

URLs OF pages

The permanent URLs of news section help crawler in indexing the news articles. The Google crawler for news indexing is Googlebot-News.  The crawler confuses if URLs of your main news sections are frequently changes.


Make sure the articles pages contain HTML format and the body text don’t have a JavaScript. It is best practice to use HTML links on articles on your section pages. It is very suitable for crawler to index HTML links. The crawler is not comfortable in crawling image links or links embedded in JavaScript.

Anchor Text

The anchor text which points to news article on section page is very important. The anchor text should match the title of your article and page title.

Access to Content

Make sure the crawler easily access the content of news article. The directories that host your articles are not blocked by a robots.txt file and metatags. The header specifications do not block access to your article links.


The sites in multiple languages providing a single article are not eligible in google news. The crawler confuses to understand main language of the news article.

Encode your site

To get best result encode your site in UTF-8.

Google News sitemap

Create a separate Google news sitemap for the news section. The sitemap contains detailed information about specific types of content on your site. It helps google news to quickly find news articles on your site. It also helps the crawler to index all news articles. After creation of sitemap submit it through search console.


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