Effect of heading tags in SEO

Effect of heading tags in SEO

Heading are very important for any page. A heading is the title of the web page which describes the content of a webpage. It gives the reader a clear vision about the content of the page.

What is heading tag: Heading tag is used in HTML. The syntax of heading tag is written as

<H1>title or subject of the page</H1>






During English SEO Office Hours, john Mueller, Search Advocate at Google replies regarding heading tags in a webpage on march05, 2021.

How many H1 TAGS in a webpage?

John said it is not necessary only one H1 TAG in a web page. There can be more than one H1 TAG in a web page.

Order of heading tags: It is not necessary the ascending order of heading tags which means that you can use H4 before H3. The order does not affect the SEO of any web page.

What should be TITLE of a web page?

There should be a headline or title of a webpage which describe the content of the webpage properly. The visitors can easy understand the content just having a look on the title of a webpage. H1 is not the only way to describe the subject or title of a webpage. It is you who decide what should be the title of a webpage.


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