The effects of google updates

Are you waiting for google page experience? The google page experience, which is going to be happened in mid June 2021 as per google statement. In this article we will discuss how google updates play a role in improvement of search results.

Importance of Update

The updation is a regular process to make the things better. The computers, smartphones and apps are regularly updated to make them better. In the same way google search also updated thousands of times a year.

Google has hundreds of billions of pages in its index. Everyday Google Search receives billions of queries from countries around the world in 150 languages. Google regularly updates its search results to provide most relevant and reliable information to the visitors.

Update Improves Quality of Search

So the search result updation is very important to improve the quality and experience of the search. The updation is a regular process of google to provide better results to the visitors. We will illustrate it with two example of google update.

  • Product reviews update
  • Mobile-friendly update

Product reviews update: A review which is providing in-depth research or expertise of any product is more useful for the visitors as compared to the review which provides just basic information of the product. So google gives preference to websites having in-depth product reviews.

Mobile-friendly update:  If any content is mobile friendly then it becomes an advantage for this website as compared to non mobile friendly content website. Google gives preference to mobile friendly content in the search results over the non mobile friendly content.

Core Updates

A broad change in google algorithm which results in a noticeable change in the ranking of a website in google search is known as the Google core updates. These updates are not noticeable by the ordinary visitors but more often noticed by people actively running websites or performing search engine optimization (SEO).

The core update or any other update is not for a particular website but it is an improvement in selecting a content which is most relevant and most informative for the visitors. So it is nothing that you have done something wrong with your website but google has indexed some most relevant and informative content as compared to your content. So provide relevant and informative content on your website to overcome these updates.

In this way any google update i.e. core update or minor update plays an important role to provide most relevant and informative content to the visitors.

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