6 Ways of Contacting your business

6 Ways of Contacting your business

When a visitor comes to your business or service after getting your business website in google search, he will search for contact page on that website to get in touch to the appropriate person. The visitors are always looking for contact page of the website. It is better for every business to be made a contact directly by the customers rather than involment of third party.

It is very important to provide various contact information for the visitors. make sure these contact information can be easily accessible by every visitors to the website. Following are various ways of contacting any business by various customers.

Contact Page

  • Add a contact page to your website. The contact page should be easily accessible to both visitors and googlebot.
  • Link contact page from a menu bar or bottom of homepage of the website.
  • Include the contact page in the sitemap of the website also.

Mention all ways to Contact

Provide all the ways to contact you by the visitors by providing following information in contact page.

  • Email address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Social media
  • Chat

Recording Support

If you don’t have a phone support then provide a phone number which provides recorded support.

Authorized Third Parties

It is required to mention on your support  page that you work or not with an authorised third party to offer support. This will be very helpful for the visitors to your website.

It also increases the reliability of your webiste weather the visitors will consider the third party support or not to avoid various frauds.

Google Business profile

Creation of google business profile is more helpful for local business. It is very easy to create google business profile.

Structured Data

The use of structure data is also very beneficial for local business. It is a starndard format to provide information about your web page. you can add a structure data to a web page.


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