6 ways to boost your web presence in 2021

6 ways to boost your web presence in 2021

Web presence boosting is display of your website/blog in various search engine result page by searching keywords in the search engine. The Web presence indicates the status of any online business. It also reflects the higher number of leads you receive. As a king rules the nation so the content is one of most important factor which rules your web presence in various search engines. That’s why it is said that “Content is King”. The unique and informative content is only thing which forces the online visitor’s engagement with the website. It is the informative content which is very useful to make a brand. In this article we will discuss the various factors of boosting web presence of any website/blog.

What is a niche?

A niche is the category or topic to which your website or blog belong. There are so many various categories i.e.

  • Health
  • Travel
  • arts
  • Internet
  • Fitness
  • News
  • Sports
  • Shopping

In simple words a niche is a topic on which you are going to write for your website/blog.


Selection of Your Niche

It is very important to select the proper niche or topic. The right selection of your niche plays an important role to bring success to you as soon as possible. While making a selection of your niche you should consider following things.

  • Your passions and skills

It is very important to have basic skill set for your blog niche. It will help you at large extent to be become successful in your niche. The passion when combined with the skill provides success very fast and easily. Choose your blog niche according to your skill set and passion. The related skill set help you in content and other activities of your blog/website.

  • Market for your niche

To get the lucrative business the blog niche should have a market or good search volume. Make sure is there really sufficient need for it? To analyze the market do keyword research. Keyword research is most primary important task for your blog/website. You can make a keyword research with the help of free seo tools.

  • Competition

Competition on the selected keywords is also an important metric. Analyze the competition on selected keywords. It provides the information about how many sites are fighting for particular keywords. Make sure to include low, medium competitive keywords in the first phase. You can take help of google keyword planner tool for this.


Valuable Content

Content is the primary key player to divert online visitors to your website/blog. The valuable content always attracts the visitors. It can be in any form i.e.

  • Tips
  • Hints
  • Suggestions
  • How to advice
  • Observations

Provide quality content to your visitors. The informative content is very useful to increase the knowledge of online visitors.


Consider the Requirement of Your Visitors

To provide better quality content it is necessary to get to know the interest of the visitors. The visitors are satisfied if they receive the content as per their requirement. To get to know the requirement of the visitors you can follow the following tasks.

  • Invite comments in a blog post
  • An email blast
  • A social media posting

Develop a Relation with Your Visitors

It is very important to develop a relation with your visitors to make a strong web presence. If you provide an informative and unique content then every visitor want to feel personal attachment to you and your content by interacting with you. You can interact with your visitors by following methods.

  • Send a dedicated newsletter
  • Respond to their questions

Make sure to feel them special, because they are the ones who make your brand.


Regular Updating

You have double benefit if you are updating your website/blog regularly. Firstly the visitors get in touch frequently as they get new post regularly. Secondly it is good for search engine point of view also. It has been observed that regularly updating website/blog is generating more leads as compared to others which are not updating content regularly.


Use Ultra Useful Content

The inclusion of various ultra useful content makes it easy to read the content.

The content can be more interesting and shareable by adding videos, eye catching pictures, to it.

The content having infographics, videos, maps and even GIFs improves user interaction and traffic.


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Vikas Yadav is a writer to Bloggers Maker. He is also founder of bloggersmaker.com. He has vast experience in SEO of more than ten years in various niches i.e. Education, Pharmacy, Realty, Airline, Gifts, Data Recovery, Best Website Hosting, Mobile Application Development and News.

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