Google Introduces Site Name in Mobile Search

Google Introduces Site Name in Mobile Search

Google is currently displaying websites name in its mobile searches as a first line of mobile search result. The site name is very helpful to identify a genuine website. It helps user to quickly click to a particular search result in mobile search. The site name which is shown in the mobile search can be implemented with the help of structured data. Currently it is visible only in English, French, Japanese, and German and will be rolling out to additional languages over the next few months.

What is site name?

The name which reflects the content and overall view of your website and which you want to assign to your whole website is known as site name. This site name will be visible in top of your site result in google mobile search. The site name can be implemented by using structured data very easily.

Difference between site name and web page title?

The site name and the web page title are two different terms. Site name is used for the whole site while web page title is the title for a particular web page. So, there can be multiple web page title throughout a web site but there will be a single site name for whole web site.

What are the various sources of getting site name by google?

Google can pick the sitename of a website from so many sources of a website. The following are the various sources of getting it.

  • WebSite structured data
  • Content in <title> elements
  • Heading elements, such as <h1> elements
  • og:site_name

How to add your preferred site name?

Google can find out the name of a website with the help of any one of above discussed four methods. To provide a preferred name of a website with the help of structured data is very simple.

There are three format types of structured data.

  • RDFa
  • microdata format

You can use any one format out of these three formats. Add the code only to the homepage not in every page of the website. It can be implemented either using a CMS or by using java script. Here we are giving an example by using   JSON-LD format of script.

Follow various guidelines to add site name to a website

Technical guidelines

  1. It can be added only for domain levels not for the subdomain levels.
  2. Add the code only to the homepage only.
  3. The homepage should be crawlable.
  4. If you have different versions of your home page (for example, HTTP and HTTPS versions of your homepage, or www and non-www), make sure that you’re using the same structured data on all page duplicates, not just on the canonical page.

Content guidelines

  1. Unique Name: Select a unique name which identify your website accurately. Don’t copy others name.
  2. It will be better to use a concise, commonly used name for your website.
  3. Use your site name across your home page consistently for example in the <title> and other elements.
  4. If you have an alternate name for your website you can also use it with the help of alternateName property to specify that name (for example, an acronym).

How to add site name to a web site?

You can follow following steps to add site name to a web site.

Add following code in the <head> section of home page.

<script type=”application/ld+json”>


      “@context” : “”,

      “@type” : “WebSite”,

      “name” : “BloggersMaker”,

     “alternateName” : “BM”,

      “url” : “”




“name” is the name of website which you want to display in mobile searches.

“alternateName” is alternate name of your website if any.

“url” is URL of your website.

After adding this code. Use URL inspection Tool to test your web page how google sees your web page.


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