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Google provides more information about search results

Google introduces a new feature of more information to find out most helpful information from the search results. Before this feature the visitor had to go to that particular URL to know about information of website of search result but now you can see the helpful information regarding website of that search result without making another search.

Google is rolling out this feature in English in the U.S. on desktop, mobile web and the Google App on Android.  

What is new Feature?

When you make any search in google (USA), you will see three dots next to the URL of each search result. You can see this in below example.

search result dots

You can easily note three dots next to the URL of each search results. When you click on these dots you will see information window about that particular website as seen below.

search result info

In the above example we clicked on three dots of CNN result. We got the new window having information regarding

In this way you get following information regarding that search result.

  • A description of the website from Wikipedia (Wikipedia Listing)
  • Your connection to the site (Secure or Not)
  • URL (Web site)
  • Type of search result (Search Result, Ads)

If any website is not listed in Wikipedia then you see the first google index of the website.

Importance of this feature:

  • It becomes easy to get information about website of search result which is helpful to visit or not to that particular search result without making another search.
  • It becomes safe for you to browse search result website based on information given on HTTPS protocol.
  • You have quick access to your privacy settings.
  • You have quick access to how google search works.

SEO Importance:

  • Wikipedia submission: The information submitted in Wikipedia of any website or brand provides more information and faith to the visitor. So updating and addition to Wikipedia will ensure more traffic to search results.

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