Google Search Console shows reports for Special Announcements

Google Search Console shows reports for Special Announcements

Google started to show rich result for health and government sites in its search last month. These were related to COVID-19 announcement. The information includes update like school closures or stay at home directives.

Now Google has announced that Google Search Console supports this Special Announcement as new reports.

This new report helps in finding any issue in implementation and monitoring of these rich results of COVID-19 announcement.

Google also support the markup on the Rich Results Test to review your existing URLs or debug your markup code before moving it to production.

Special Announcements Enhancement report

There is a new report in google search console. This is known as Special Announcements. The report is available for those sites which has implemented SpecialAnnouncement structured data. The report provides errors, warnings, and valid pages for markup implemented on your site.

The new Special Announcements Enhancement report. Source: Google.

Special Announcements appearance in Performance report

Now the performance of SpecialAnnouncement marked-up pages on Google Search can be seen in Search Console Performance report. The report shows impressions, clicks and CTR results of your special announcement pages.

Special Announcements within the Performance report. Source: Google.

Special Announcements in Rich Results Test

If you want to publish these structured data to your pages. Firstly add these to your page. Then you can test them by using the Rich Results Test Tool. This test shows you any errors or suggestions for your structured data.

Special Announcements in Rich Results Test. Source: Google.

These new tools make it easy to understand the performance of SpecialAnnouncement structured data pages. The tools also help to identify and fix issues related to these.


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