Google terminates generic rich results search appearance

Google terminates generic rich results search appearance

Google announced the termination of generic rich results search appearance report from the google search console performance report. The generic rich results are a group of many rich results. The grouping of various rich results in not ideal as each type may have a significantly different behavior. Therefore google decided to sunset the Rich result search appearance.

What is search appearance?

The search appearance is the visibility of your website in google search and various google properties.

What are rich results?

The rich results provide key information of a web page to the search engine so that relevant results can be provided to the users. These are designed with the help of rich snippets and new rich cards.

So far google supports nineteen types of rich results search appearance.

  1. AMP on image result
  2. AMP non-rich results
  3. AMP article
  4. Android App
  5. Event
  6. FAQ rich results
  7. How-to rich results
  8. Job details
  9. Job listing
  10. Practice Problems
  11. Product results
  12. Q&A rich results
  13. Recipe rich result
  14. Recipe gallery
  15. Review snippet
  16. Special Announcement
  17. Videos
  18. Web Light results
  19. Web Story

                                                                                    Image source: Google

This change will not affect the traffic of any website as it is only the reporting change. This report will not be available in google search console or the API after August 1, 2021.


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