18 highlights of google page experience June 2021 update

18 highlights of google page experience June 2021 update

The most awaited page experience update of google is now rolling out. Google announced on twitter roll out of this update globally and will be completed by end of August 2021.

The implementation of new signal of page experience will be reflected by June 17, 2021 in top stories carousel section.

Google has already announced that there will be a page experience update in 2021. Google informed regarding this update in advance before more than one year back in 2020.

The main points of page experience update are as follows.

  1. It is rolling out slowly and globally.
  2. It will be completed by end of August 2021.
  3. The first output will be seen by June 17, 2021 on Top Stories Section.
  4. Page experience will be used as part of our ranking systems.
  5. It is designed to highlight pages that offer great user experiences.
  6. It will be one of many factors our systems of ranking updation.
  7. Don’t expect drastic changes in the ranking of any website.
  8. Any news content which meets google news policies is valid.
  9. No AMP format is required for inclusion.
  10. Any page, irrespective of its Core Web Vitals score or page experience status, will be eligible to appear in the Top Stories carousel.
  11. Google will not show any AMP badge icon to indicate AMP Content.
  12. The similar updates will be applicable to the Google News app. The users around the world will get a comprehensive view of the important news of the day.
  13. The use of SXG is not a requirement for page experience benefits, and you can consider the technology as one of the options for improving your page experience.
  14.  Existing Core Web Vitals.
  15.  HTTPS security.
  16.  Absence of intrusive interstitials.
  17.  Safe browsing status.
  18.  Mobile friendliness.

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