Google’s Principles to understand sources behind Google News

In google news the information about the articles and sites plays an important role as it develops trust between news source and the audience.

The following are various information of sites and articles which are very important for reader to easily understand the information about the content and the creators.

  • Clear dates
  •  Clear bylines
  • About authors
  • News source
  • Company or network behind it
  • Contact information

We have discussed various factors in detail in our article “How to appear an article in Google News”.

Now google announced more about transparency policy so that news sources can easily understand the principles behind the policy and how to meet them in practice.

Principles behind our approach

  • We consider different regional and country-level expectations and practices around transparency. This is particularly important in areas with less press freedom where practices like naming a journalist can carry significant risk.
  • We look at a number of inputs and consider a breadth of editorial practices. This helps ensure that distinctive editorial philosophies—for example, publishing pieces without bylines —don’t affect the credibility of an otherwise authoritative source.
  • We consider information that is clearly available to users, so that larger, more technically sophisticated sites and smaller sites that use simple text to convey information are on equal footing.

Principles in practice

At the article level:  It is the information which a reader gets about the article or the writer. It includes following information.

  • Article byline (links to a bio describing the author’s credentials and expertise)
  • publishing date
  • article type(Opinion or News)

At the site level: It is the information which is helpful for the user to understand a site’s purpose, its organizational structure, and the kinds of information they can expect from that site. It includes following information.

  • Mission statement
  • Editorial policies and standards
  • Staff information
  • Bios for both editorial and business staff
  • Non-generic contact information
  • Owners
  • Funding sources (for example, state-sponsorship and relationship to political parties or PACs).

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