Google announces Doodle for Google winner of 2021

Google announced the winner of Doodle for Google for the year 2021. The winner is Milo Golding. Milo won the title among five national finalists. Google selected Milo’s doodle having title “Finding Hope”. Google will award Milo Golding with a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology award for his school.

Milo Golding

Milo belongs to a rural community in eastern Kentucky. His parents immigrated to U.S.  His father belonged to Jamaica and mother from China before immigrated to U.S.

After losing his father, this incident changed the purpose of his life. He started to help the children in his community who are in need and suffering same pain as he is. He started a charity having name “Sanguine Path”.

Sanguine Path helps to the children having age of 18 or under who have lost their loved ones or been affected by challenging experiences.

The Milo’s charity provides Christmas and birthday gifts, care packages and back-to-school kits to such children.

After getting this award Milo said, “I’m so happy my message of hope came through in my art, that’s what’s most important to me. I’m also very grateful for this opportunity. It really allowed me to not only reflect upon my life but also reaffirm what I want to do – which is help people. And I truly appreciate that.”

The Milo’s Artistic Nature

Milo has an artistic nature from his childhood. He used to draw sketches on the wall of houses. His parents carried sketchbooks and pencils for him when they visited to their relative’s home as Milo used to draw sketches on the wall of houses of his relatives.

Finding Hope

Milo’s father‘s advice helped him to name the title of the doodle “Finding Hope”. Milo lost his father at the age of 13. His father died due to heart attack.

 Once Milo asked his father how he overcame obstacles and became who he wanted to be. His father replied “Hope, hope keeps me strong.”

This advice helped Milo to name the doodle and to move forward in life.

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