Google Core Update November 2021

Google Core Update November 2021

Currently google is rolling out a broad core update. This broad core update is known as November 2021Core Update. Google does this update several times in a year. This is the third google core update of the year 2021. Google has informed in advance on November 17 2021 that they are going to release November core update. This core update will take one to two week to roll out completely.

 Google Core Update

Google regularly releases a few changes to its search algorithms to improve google search results.

As these are few changes so that are less noticeable but when there are significant changes to google algorithms which can be noticed widely are known as google core update.

Google perform its core update several times a year to provide relevant and authoritative content to searchers.  

This update affects google search as well google discover.

Effect of Google Core Update

As the core update are not released to target specific websites but these are implement in a wide range to all websites.

The effect of google core update will be seen as some websites will gain higher ranking in google search results on the other hand some websites will drop their google rankings.

The website having relevant and authoritative content will gain and the rest of pages or sites will lose its presence in google search.

Guidance to Avoid Update Hit

Google has provided guidance to overcome the negative effect of the core update. If a web page is affected negatively then it is completely not mean that the webpage is wrong but it gives signals that the other web pages have quality content rather than yours.

 By following google guide you can overcome the negative effect of the core update.

 The complete result of following the google guidance will be seen after the next core update. The various guidelines of google are listed on this google post.


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