Google Search Core Update – May 2022

Google Search Core Update – May 2022

Google released its broad core update on May 25, 2022. The update will roll out all around in 1-2 weeks. The core update will provide relevant, useful and more helpful results. The broad core update will show some widely notable effects.

What is core update?

Google update its algorithm to improve its ranking process several times a year which is known as the core update. By doing so people get more relevant, useful and helpful search results. It improves the quality of search results. These updates are not specific to any particular site.

Effect of core update

The ranking of some sites may drop or gain after rolling out the update completely. The core update in not targeting any specific page or website. But it is the improvement of assessing the content overall to provide best informative results to the visitor.

What to do?

It is obvious to fix the problems which will face a drop in ranking for their website. But google warns don’t try to fix wrong things. It will be better to follow google guidelines for webmasters.

Less well performing pages

Google clarifies there is nothing wrong with the pages which perform less well in the core update. It doesn’t mean that these pages violated google guidelines or not subjected to manual or algorithmic action. The update is not targeting a particular page or website but providing the best informative content.


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