Google rolls out July 2021 core update

Google rolls out July 2021 core update

Google is rolling out another update, the core update of July, 2021. Google has already informed about this core update last month on June2, 2021. This core update will take 1-2 weeks to finish. Google announced about this core update on twitter.

Along with the announcement of core update google also shared link of various guidelines which should be followed to rank higher in the search results and how various such updates improve the quality of google search.

What is a core update?

A significant, broad change to google search algorithms and systems to present relevant and authoritative content to visitors who searches any information in the search engine is known as core update. To know more visit core updates.

How to overcome core update effect?

The  SEO’S and owner of websites/blog who are following google webmasters guidelines need not worry about the core updates. The web pages which are violating the google webmasters guidelines will face the drop of google ranking for their websites/blogs.

They can overcome this drop down of ranking by following google guidelines. Make a focus on quality of your content by asking following queries to yourself.

  • Does the content provide original information, reporting, research or analysis?
  • Does the content provide a substantial, complete or comprehensive description of the topic?
  • Does the content provide insightful analysis or interesting information that is beyond obvious?
  • If the content draws on other sources, does it avoid simply copying or rewriting those sources and instead provide substantial additional value and originality?
  • Does the headline and/or page title provide a descriptive, helpful summary of the content?
  • Does the headline and/or page title avoid being exaggerating or shocking in nature?
  • Is this the sort of page you’d want to bookmark, share with a friend, or recommend?

Time required recovering core update

There is always one question after core update how much time it will take to recover the core update to bring back the google ranking?

  • The improvement of quality of content as per google webmasters guidelines can recover core update effect by waiting further next core update.
  • Small core updates happen frequently, the content improvement can be observed in these small core updates.
  • To know more visit Recovering and more advice.

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