Facebook Removed 1,565 Accounts in April 2021

Facebook announced removal of various Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, Pages, Groups in CIB report of April 2021.The facebook team regularly finds and remove misleading campaigns around the world. The social network site performed this action of removal of nine networks from six countries.  This information has been shared with industry partners, researchers, law enforcement and policymakers.

What is CIB?

CIB stands for coordinated inauthentic behavior. The group of accounts and pages which mislead the people to fake information, Facebook remove both inauthentic and authentic accounts, Pages and Groups directly involved in this activity.

The total number of accounts, pages and groups removed

  • Total number of Facebook accounts removed: 1,565
  • Total number of Instagram accounts removed: 141
  • Total number of Pages removed: 724
  • Total number of Groups removed: 63

The countries where removal happened

  • Palestine
  • Azerbaijan
  • Central African Republic (CAR)
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Ukraine

See the full report for more information.

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