Autocomplete of Google Search

Autocomplete of Google Search

Autocomplete feature of Google Search

When we make any search in google. As soon as we start typing we see many predictions in the search box. These predictions are very helpful for the user to complete the search query without typing anything. This feature saves user time. This feature is known as autocomplete. 

How Autocomplete’s predictions are automatically generated

Google provides Autocomplete predictions searches.  These predictions are the searches which have been done on Google. Now how Google determine which predictions to show for a particular search?

Google picks common and trending queries from its system to match the query in the search box. In this way it completes the whole query for the user. The user needs not to write the rest of query which saves the time of the user. For example, if you were to type in “make money…..”  Google provides common completions like “make money online” or “make money from home.”

google search autocomplete

Source: Google

Factors involved in prediction generation

There are so many factors which are involved in generation of prediction of google search term. The following are important factors.

  • The prediction depends upon the language of the searcher.
  • It depends upon the location of the user.

For example predictions for those searching for “driving test” in the U.S. state of California versus the Canadian province of Ontario. Predictions differ in naming relevant locations or even spelling “centre” correctly for Canadians rather than using the American spelling of “center.

search results
  • Freshness in trending search.
  • The various attributes of People, places and things. For example, someone searching for “trip to New York” might see a prediction of “trip to New York for Christmas,” as that’s a popular time to visit that city. In contrast, “trip to San Francisco” may show a prediction of “trip to San Francisco and Yosemite.”
  • Predictions for long queries

As far as long queries are concerned Google may automatically shift from predicting an entire search to portion of search. For example we don’t see more predictions for “name of the things at the end” but we see a lot of queries for “the end of bread”, “the end of paper“etc. that’s why these predictions are offered at the end of long queries as shown below.

google autocomplete feature



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